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White Pants Outfit Ideas for Men (14 Ways to Style)

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They say you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day. I say that's nonsense. Here's how to wear white all year round.


If you thought wearing white after Labor Day was forbidden, think again. Believe it or not, white is one of the most versatile pant colors you can wear because of the endless possibilities, especially when pairing them with earthy tones. Although white in and of itself is not technically a color, it is a blank slate that can add some much-needed depth and visual interest, no matter the season. After reading this post, you'll soon see that wearing white pants can elevate your appearance, regardless of the colder or warmer months.


Whether denim jeans, cotton chinos, or corduroy trousers, how you style white pants is ultimately up to you. In this post, I provide tips and inspiration on how to style white pants all year round; whether Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter, white pants have a place in your wardrobe before and after Labor Day. As you will soon see, most of these outfits will feature white jeans but know up front that any of these looks would appear stylish, bold, and elegant if you opt for chinos over jeans.

Here are fourteen white pants outfit ideas for men to wear throughout the year. After seeing these outfits and reading my tips, I think you will rest much easier knowing that white pants are more straightforward to style than initially perceived. For more style inspiration, visit the Style Archive here.



A chore or shirt jacket with white pants is a surprisingly sophisticated ensemble that produces genuinely inspired results. These lightweight outerwear pieces are an ideal option for the Fall and Spring months when the need for a light layer exists without adding too much bulk. A neutral-colored chore or shirt jacket like the ones I'm wearing above is excellent when paired with other neutral garments, especially for dates.

Women love a chore or shirt jacket on a man, especially during events when pairing it with white pants makes sense. Whether your pair of white pants is denim, corduroy, or cotton twill, a pairing such as the ones depicted above will allow you to look chic but also casual. Add depth by throwing on some smart shoes, such as white sneakers or sporty trainers, and you will look fresh wherever you go.

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This look is a sophisticated classic. Navy blue and white look bold and chic when paired, and I think an outfit like this proves it. Here, I've paired a classic navy blazer with a denim chambray dress shirt and a clean pair of white jeans. For footwear, I have decided to keep things casual with leather penny loafers, but an ensemble such as this can look excellent with a pair of clean white sneakers or earth-toned boots.

Whatever you choose, just be sure not to wear anything overly "loud" with ultra-saturated contrasting colors. This outfit is excellent for dates, networking events, and even Spring and Summer weddings that are intentionally more casual than your typical formal event.

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Here, I am wearing a pair of white chino pants, a green polo shirt, a brown Harrington jacket, and brown leather penny loafers. This chic and sophisticated ensemble is excellent for dates, church, or simply for running errands out in town.

This is a modern take on an otherwise classic style that Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and James Bond popularized many years ago. If you don't have a Harrington jacket in your present wardrobe, I highly recommend you look into obtaining one.

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Here, I opt for a navy blue pique polo shirt, classic white jeans, brown leather penny loafers, and a complementing leather belt. This simple white pants outfit would look great in other colors, but navy blue stands out, especially during Summer.

Of course, a look like this benefits greatly from adding classic accessories, such as a nice wristwatch and a cool pair of shades in a similar color scheme. The simpler the ensemble, the more critical it is to have an excellent array of accessories to assemble everything accordingly. This is a great example of an outfit that easily allows you to be the best-dressed guy in the room simply by being bold enough to wear white pants. Great for Spring and Summer dates when the sun is shining bright.

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Linen is a quintessential Summer fabric due to its lightweight and breathable qualities. Here, I'm wearing a green linen button-up shirt with white chinos and German Army Trainers (GATs). An elegant pair of shoes benefits a simple ensemble such as this one. If white sneakers are too generic for you, try something like the classic GAT or even a pair of penny loafers in a solid neutral color.

Linen is one of those fabrics that can easily create a lot of comfort in your clothes during the Summer months. The option for chinos will allow you to stay cooler during the sunnier months, as denim is a much denser and thicker fabric. This outfit is perfect for almost any occasion during the casual Summer days when the temperature rises.

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This white pants outfit includes a denim-on-denim style that isn't for everyone but is certainly an option for those looking to embrace the warmer climate with an eye toward fashion.

I have a pair of white jeans, a light green henley shirt, a medium-wash jean jacket, a straw fedora, a pair of shades, and clean white sneakers. I love this Spring and Summer look because it is bright and colorful without being too zany and loud. This outfit can be excellent for a beautiful day spent with your friends.

White is very much a blank slate when combined with neutral colors, and including blue and green in lighter tints naturally compliments the white pants.

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Every man should aspire to have at least one leather jacket in his closet. I think including white pants with a brown leather jacket is an inspired choice. Here, I have the same outfit, the only real difference being the outerwear. Any brown tone looks excellent with varying shades of blue. Throw some white pants into that mix, and your style will be elevated to new heights.

On the left, I have a classic brown leather jacket with a navy blue pique polo shirt, white jeans, and dressy suede Chelsea boots. On the right, I have the exact same outfit, with the only change being a suede jacket in tobacco. Whether you choose to wear a classic brown jacket or a suede tobacco jacket, as you can see, each garment's color and texture allow both outfits to work well on their own.

You don't have to own two leather jackets; you just need to know how to leverage the colors in your closet so that they can work for you and not against you. A pair of white sneakers could also work well with this outfit, but if you ask me, any opportunity to wear a classic pair of dress boots is one you should take.

Chelsea boots are so elegant, and women love them (especially when you color-coordinate in this way). These looks are perfect for casual date nights at steak or sushi restaurants. Just don't make the mistake of spilling anything on those white pants of yours!


This outfit isn't much different from the previous look. Instead of a leather jacket, I have thrown on a brown quilted barn jacket. If you need extra warmth and want something more affordable than a leather jacket, opt for something like this. If you prefer a different color, try a classic green field jacket.

I think that white jeans on the beach are also an inspired choice and a great way to stand out tastefully. If you decide to go this route, remember to have a more rugged pair of boots.

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White pants look downright dapper with a chunky cardigan sweater. Combining a darker shade of red with white creates a stunning contrast. In this outfit, I have a maroon donegal shawl cardigan sweater paired with a navy blue dress collar polo that complements the tone of the cardigan. The white denim adds a clean look that contrasts nicely with the darker sweater and polo shirt.

To complete the outfit, I suggest chocolate loafers and matching navy socks. A pair of Winter boots would look great in place of the loafers, but regardless of your shoes, this look is an excellent choice for a date with that special woman in your life.

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Of course, we have to cover our bases by adding an option for the rain. This example is a great way to showcase the versatility of white jeans (and white pants in general).

I have a patterned brown Mac jacket (a.k.a. raincoat), a beige wool turtleneck sweater, white jeans, and dark olive suede boots. The denim jacket is an excellent mid-layer for this look and adds a bit of ruggedness to an otherwise clean outfit. Of course, the dark olive suede boots go with almost anything, and I think they are a great pairing with the white jeans.

This outfit is great for casual dates on wet and rainy days, and if you live somewhere with a mild winter climate, a look like this might serve you well.

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What if it rains on Valentine's Day, but you want to wear white with red? Well, if you live somewhere brisk enough for a turtleneck, this is how I would achieve a rainy Valentine's Day style. Hopefully, this can inspire you to branch out for Lovers Day and not be fearful of the impending rain if you live somewhere that generates a lot of precipitation throughout the year.

Taking the same Mac jacket from the previous look and adding a bold wool maroon turtleneck and the same dark olive suede boots sounds like it could backfire on paper, but in practice, you have a one-way ticket to Love Island. Red and green are complementary, meaning they sit across from one another on the color wheel.

The texture of the sweater, boots, and jeans elevate the style of this rainy-day look while also remaining casual.

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Here's an outfit that would look great during the colder months. I'm playing around with texture: a navy blue wool turtleneck, gray knit sport coat, and white corduroy trousers. The texture in the jacket and the pant fabrics adds a lot of depth when worn together. Finished with brown capped-toe boots and a dapper wristwatch, this timeless, chic, and casual outfit will stand the test of time.

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I love a good camel topcoat (and so do women). This stylish outfit is just one example of the numerous looks you can create with a versatile coat such as this one. The lighter color palette I have chosen has minimal contrast, ensuring that no specific garment clashes too much with the other.

Earthy tones are on top, and white jeans are on the bottom. The inclusion of the dark olive suede boots serves as yet another proof of concept, backing up my claim that this boot color is the most versatile. In case you need more inspiration, here it is; to me, these boots pull the ensemble together in a modern way. The details matter, after all (and they just look cool).

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The final look, which is absolutely perfect for the Winter season, includes a cozy navy blue turtleneck, classic navy blazer, thick wool-patterned overcoat, and corduroy white pants. The brown capped-toe boots look great, along with the brown pattern in the coat.

Despite the heavy contrast, if you're a single man, I think this cozy look is stylish enough to turn the heads of the women around you. For those of you who have a cool skin tone (like me), this is an excellent choice for you in particular.

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After seeing these outfit ideas, I hope you will be more open to wearing white pants. The styles of outfits that you can create are nearly limitless. White is a blank slate that can contrast nicely with several formal, casual, or ultra-casual outfits.

I hope these white pants outfit ideas have sparked your interest in incorporating lighter-colored clothes into your rotation. Take these tips, and don't ever be afraid to wear white in the Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter—and absolutely wear white after Labor Day!



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