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Spring means warmer weather, potential rain, brighter colors, and some exciting layering options (depending upon where you live, of course). Here is a growing archive of Springtime outfits that any guy can rock before Summer.

"The Smoke Bomber"

"The Padre"

"The Coronado"

"The Date Night"

"The Springer"

"The Classy Trucker"

"The Blue Boy"

"The Good Boy"

"The Cavalier"

"The Smart"

"The Sweater Weather"

"The Oxford Khaki"

"The Spring-Fall Basic"

"The Analogous"

"The Walkman"

"The Curbside"

"The La Jolla"

"The Brave"

"The East Village"

"The Peyton Place"

"The McQueen"

"The Ensemble"

"The Weekender"

"The Towney"

"The Patterned Suit Sneaker"

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