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What to Wear for Spring

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Spring season means brighter colors, lighter jackets, and more comfortable garments in preparation for Summer. Here are eleven recommendations to elevate your style for the Spring months.

More sunlight during the daytime hours means it's Spring season. As we make the transition from thicker outerwear and darker shades to lighter jackets and brighter colors, there are a few things to consider so that we look stylish before breaking free for Summer.

Here are eleven items that any stylish man should consider rocking for the Spring season.


A polo shirt is one of the multiple staples that every man should maintain in his wardrobe. Whether worn underneath a lightweight jacket or as a standalone piece, there is a timeless elegance to a classic polo (so long as it fits you well).

When it comes to materials, cotton or a cotton blend will be your best bet. Try staying away from 100% polyester materials. At the same time, these don't necessarily look terrible (depending on what you choose to pair them with). However, traditional materials will always elevate any look and can add richness along with a more noticeable texture to the colors.


Chambray is very similar to denim, and the primary difference is in their construction. Chambray is a plain woven fabric with a colored yarn in the warp and a white yarn in the weft. Like chambray, denim is interwoven with the same construction except in a twill pattern.

Warp is the long yarn that runs vertically up and down the fabric roll and governs the vertical pattern. Weft is the yarn that passes horizontally across the fabric roll and usually governs the horizontal pattern. Twill refers to the construction and method of weaving a fabric, not the actual material.

Chambray’s warp and weft threads will alternate one over the other, while denim’s warp thread will be woven double with two lines in the weft before going under one.

These two slightly different construction methods become noticeable with the weights of denim and chambray items. Chambray comes out feeling much lighter in weight.

The lightness of a chambray fabric makes it an excellent option for Spring (depending on where you live and how warm/cold it is). Paired with a great set of chinos and some minimalist sneakers, you have an elevated traditional look.


There's just something masculine about a henley shirt. This can be worn solo or with a lightweight jacket on top. While I wouldn't say that Henley's are necessarily uncommon, they are not as abundant as polo or crew neck shirts. You can be confident that the same rules for nailing a polo also hold true for a henley shirt.

This casual piece lends itself a dash of elegance with a three-button design and is very comfortable in its long-sleeved form. Wear it solo or rock it with some form of outerwear. I recommend sticking to neutral colors to start.

For more info on how to wear neutral colors and why I think they are the best for men, see my article here.


Popularized by Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and James Bond, a Harrington jacket received its name from the fictional character Rodney Harrington in a 1957 film and 1960s television series called Peyton Place. There is some contention about which English company officially designed the original Harrington jacket style; Baracuta claims to have done so in 1937, while Grenfell reports that they did so as early as 1931.

The official records are unclear about which organization made the first jacket. Still, regardless of who claims to have invented it first, this jacket type immediately levels up any man's style during the Spring and even Fall seasons because of its sporty design.

A critical factor to consider is that most Harrinton's (especially those with a more classic look) will run you up to nearly $300; the G9 from Baracuta costs almost $400, primarily due to its iconic look, history, and pedigree. Not every guy has the disposable income for that. For those that do, by all means, get yourself a navy or tan Harrington jacket ASAP. But for those who want to stay stylish on more modest budgets, try looking at brands such as Orvis, Peter Manning NYC, and Uniqlo.


There are many kinds of bomber jackets, and some are lighter than others, both in fabrics and colors, but what's important is selecting a bomber jacket that is versatile and fits your style. If you haven't figured out your style yet, you can never go wrong with an excellent gray or blue bomber (black is overrated). Given that the Spring season is associated with brighter colors prioritizing a neutral but vibrant variation of blue, olive, or tan might also be worth considering.

Not sure about your style yet? Read here for my six rules concerning men's style.

Just remember that most bombers are going to be lighter-weight fabrics. So, if it's colder where you reside, bear this in mind and opt for thicker materials to suit your circumstances.


I love denim trucker jackets, and outside of the Summer months, they are one of my go-to garments. There is a lot of rich history associated with this piece, and even though it is traditionally a very casual wardrobe piece, it is surprisingly versatile. You can do a lot with a denim trucker jacket, and you can find high-quality versions at honest and reasonable prices.

Suppose you don't have a denim trucker jacket. I recommend Levi's for a balance of price and quality.


Light-wash jeans work pretty much year-round. However, during the Spring, they go well with other lighter colors as we make our way towards Summer (before we break out the shorts).

Paired with a colored polo, henley, button-down shirt, some neutral-colored chukka boots, or white sneakers, you can't go wrong.


Chinos are a must almost year-round and go with nearly everything. They're one of those wardrobe pieces you know you have, but sometimes, we never realize how much mileage we can get from them. A solid pair of khaki or olive chinos will work wonders with a neutral-colored wardrobe. Just take them to the tailor if they need to be hemmed up.

Need to find a tailor? Read here for five easy steps to do so.


The New Republic Monaco Suede Drivers.

It's a very casual yet decidedly formal option. You can find a great pair of loafers online in leather, canvas, or suede materials. Loafers can be easily dressed up or down and worn with jeans, chinos, dress pants, etc. For the most versatile type of loafer as far as material is concerned, stick with leather. Not all loafers are created equal; I wouldn't recommend canvas or suede loafers with dress pants, for instance.

Great options for loafers at a modest price point are Thursday Boot Company and New Republic.


I have spoken at length about the necessity of having a pair of white minimalist sneakers. This should be an absolute mainstay in any man's wardrobe as they will prove essential throughout the year.

If you want to know my top picks for the five best white sneakers on a modest budget and how to style them, read my article here.

You'll get tremendous use out of a good pair of white sneakers throughout the Spring and Summer months, and depending on where you live, you can rock them in the Fall and Winter months as well. Opt for a low profile and slick but plain silhouette (like the above example).


Thursday Scout Chukkas in Dark Olive Suede

I know what some of you might be thinking. Boots in the Spring? My answer is YES; you can rock any boot during the transition from Winter to Summer, but you should be rocking Chukka boots due to their lower profile, casual nature, and elegant design.

Some men believe these boots to be overdone (like the Chelsea boot), but I can tell you that most men don't wear Chukkas very well. For those who do, you should try to invest in a pair of dark olive suede Chukkas due to the exceptional versatility they provide and a more different take on the classic boot style.

If you can select the correct dark olive suede color for your boots, they can be paired with almost anything. I believe they are more interchangeable than brown boots and can be worn with black pants, blue pants, varying shades of denim, tan colors, you name it, etc.

If you aren't convinced that dark olive suede boots are the best boot color for men, see my post here, where I show and tell why I believe this to be true.

If you reside in an area where many men are wearing Chukkas for the Spring, I can assure you that hardly any of them will wear dark olive suede. This is an opportunity to stand out. You cannot go wrong with Thursday Boot Company's Scout Chukka for the best boots in quality and honest pricing.

Read my review on Thursday Boot Company as a brand here.



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