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The Bare Bones playlist is for people who have difficulty finding time during the day to exercise, adequately move their bodies, are tight on money, and need an effective routine without sacrificing much in the way of funds. The heart and soul of these workouts combine calisthenics and plyometricsThe only two pieces of equipment required are a basic jump rope and a cushioned exercise mat (or towel if you don't want to drop the money on a fitness mat).

This playlist contains Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced-level workouts.

It is important to note that all my Beginner workouts are exclusively in the Bare Bones playlist!

Suppose you are just starting and find beginner-level workouts too challenging; pay close attention to the Modifier exercises within each Beginner workout.

These are more accessible exercise alternatives to conduct, i.e., knee push-ups in place of regular push-ups, etc.


The Home Gym workouts are for folks with busy schedules in one form or another but don't mind investing in workout equipment such as dumbells, kettlebells, exercise balls, etc. Throughout these workouts, you will see me utilizing weighted jump ropes, which can be pricey but elevate the intensity of the workouts in significant ways.

This playlist contains only Intermediate and Advanced-level workouts due to the inherent rigors and complexities commensurate with heavier resistance training. If any of these prove too tricky for you, then opt for the exercises found in the Bare Bones playlist and start building from there.


The Nomad playlist is designed for men who cannot or choose not to throw too much weight around or partake in complex plyometrics and calisthenics. Whether you're an older gentleman who doesn't have the capability you once did during your formative years, or you're just trying to strike that balance between the Bare Bones and Home Gym workouts, with the Nomad playlist, the world is your gym.

Unlike the other two playlists, the focal point of these workouts is the use of resistance bandsResearch shows that as we age, the demolition process of bone health begins to outpace the reconstruction process, thus causing our bones to deteriorate and grow weaker over prolonged periods.

Resistance bands offer resistance training for people of all ages that don't put too much shock on the body while still allowing for some moderate weight-bearing activities. When utilized with a jump rope, you have everything you need at a fraction of what a typical gym membership would cost you; the best part is that you can work out anywhere.

Research also shows that men can strengthen their bones over time by participating in weight-bearing activities that stimulate bone formation by putting just enough pressure on their bones, particularly in areas such as the hips and spine, to assist with strengthening these regions of the body in a controlled manner.

This research has shown that jumping rope is also a way to build stronger bones through impact-loading; however, I understand that jumping rope isn't everyone's preference for exercising. The Nomad playlist was also created with this in mind.

You will find plenty of Modifier exercises throughout these workouts, which alleviate the difficulty and provide you with more options if you prefer to do, say, jumping jacks instead of skipping rope, etc.

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