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What to Wear for Summer

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Here are twelve items for the warmer season that any man can wear to look dapper for the sunny summer days.


Summer means reducing layers, opting for brighter colors, and having fun when choosing a more casual appearance. Don't go too crazy, and remember to always dress for the occasion.

Depending on where you live, your mileage may vary regarding each of these recommendations, but for most of us gents, this post contains arguably everything you could ever need for a stylish summer. So, let's get into it.



I'm a sucker for a quality white low-top sneaker with no branding and a clean silhouette. This is essential for any man, regardless of age, and their versatility is unmatched. Just look through my Style Archive, and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about.

For thirteen ways to style white sneakers, read my article here.


If you already have some white sneakers but want to branch out in a slightly different and sportier direction, a pair of German Army Trainers (GATs) can help elevate your looks to a whole new level. They're equally as timeless and perhaps slightly less versatile than a plain white sneaker, but I can guarantee that most other men won't be rocking these sneakers out in town, especially if you live in the U.S.

Read here for my in-depth guide to German Army Trainers (GATs).


Nothing says "casual but stylish" like leather penny loafers or suede driving moccasins. These will help you look laid-back but not too much so. Just remember to wear no-show socks. I wouldn't recommend wearing visible socks with loafers unless you pair them tastefully with formal attire (such as a suit), especially during the summer! Wear them with a bright pair of chinos or jeans to stay stylish in the heat.


I spy with my little eye...

These should be worn with most sneakers and especially loafers/driving moccasins, but it also depends on the outfit you're putting together. Regardless, during spring and summer, cuffing your pants to show a little ankle is a subtle but charming way to add some extra flair to your look; having no-show socks enables you to make the most of that effort.

You need a few pairs of these socks to look crisp, clean, and refined. When socks poke out of your low-top sneakers, they ultimately distract people's gaze from your footwear and disrupt the harmony in your outfit due to the sharp contrast.

Here are some easy and affordable pairs that I have used frequently. Thank you, Amazon!

I'm not against socks with sneakers or even loafers. Looking through my style archive, you'll see numerous examples of this. But if you wear socks with sneakers or loafers, I recommend either no-show socks or mid-calf crew's (over the calf is fine, too). Again, low-cut socks stand out the most and don't look good, in my opinion.


Admittedly, I never liked wearing shorts that much (look at those pale legs and scars). Depending on who you ask, some old-fashioned men will tell you that you should never wear shorts, but it's the 21st century, and most people love them. So, when it comes to nailing shorts, stick with chino shorts that aren't too short or long. The proper length should usually be somewhere above the knee but below mid-thigh.

Generally, if you have athletic features and your legs aren't too thick or bulky, you can get away with a shorter length. If you're a heftier gentleman, stick with a size that ends just right above the knee, or reconsider wearing shorts—a perfect opportunity to wear the next item on this list.


The most versatile pants, chinos, can cover you for nearly any situation. They can be dressed up or down and come in various colors. I advise that you first own a pair of khaki chinos. After purchasing these, if you intend to purchase more colors (an intelligent choice), I recommend olive green, navy blue, or a stone color (light gray).


Not everyone thinks about wearing white, but it looks excellent when paired with other neutral colors for the summer. I would consider wearing white denim, primarily if you work out and have a more athletic physique. If white isn't something you like or feel comfortable in, try stone (light gray) colored chinos in a straight-slim or athletic taper. If you are a heftier guy, opt for a straighter cut of jeans or chino.


A classic, well-fitting pair of jeans in a medium wash is just something you should have. I believe this is a quality and relatively inexpensive piece that you can get a lot of mileage out of (making it one of my favorites). If you want to build a neutral colored capsule style wardrobe, then these are required, in my opinion.

Read my complete guide to building a neutral capsule wardrobe here.


There isn't much to say here. A few neutral-colored polos should be in every man's closet and are a classic staple for the summer months. Depending on who you are, this might sound a bit too generic, but when your polos fit you well, they can cover you for nearly any occasion. Simply put, having at least one polo in your closet is essential.


Camp collar shirts are another great way to add variety to your summer wardrobe, especially when incorporating fun but tasteful patterns. I particularly enjoy a camp collar shirt with geometric and striped designs. While I understand that floral patterns can easily be overdone, if you pair them with a clean pair of white denim or some neutral-colored chinos (or chino shorts), they can be a lot of fun, especially at the beach or, for example, a Hawaiian-themed party.


Linen shirts are an ideal summer garment because they are light and breathable. However, opt for an appropriate color because these lightweight, constructed fabrics are more visible if worn in lighter colors (depending on your skin type). That said, when you opt for lighter colors, they can look exceedingly handsome when paired with chinos, jeans, shorts, etc. So, if comfort matters to you, try some linen shirts and pants/shorts for the summer.

For information about how to dress for your skin tone, read my comprehensive guide here.


Sunglasses not only make you look 100% cooler, but they also protect your eyes from the sun's rays. Research has shown that ultraviolet (UV) light can damage the iris, retina, lens, and cornea, leading to permanent vision loss. For this reason, it is often recommended to wear sunglasses year-round, especially during the summer months. So, all the more reason to make a good investment not only for your style but also for your general health.

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Lightweight jackets for the summer? Yes! If you live someplace where it gets colder at night, you should have a functional but stylish piece of outerwear to layer up for warmth while looking dapper.

When it comes to your options, don't overthink them. Go for a nice overshirt or shirt jacket, a denim trucker jacket, or a lightweight bomber. These are timeless, and you can't go wrong with anything in a neutral color; they'll typically pair well with most other neutral garments.

Blues, grays, tans, and olive green can work wonders for you in bombers or shirt jackets, and for denim trucker jackets, stick with something in a medium wash (darker colors are often better suited for fall and winter wear), and you'll be all set!

Read here for why I think a neutral color palette is the best and easiest way to start dressing stylishly.


If you want to dress dapper for the warmer months and opt for a suit, blazer, or sport coat, lightweight fabrics will be your best option due to their breathability. Breathable fabrics allow you to stay cool all day, regardless of whether the sun is shining bright or hidden behind the clouds.


Here is some summer-style inspiration for your viewing pleasure. These four different looks offer a little bit of something for everyone.

Check out this article here for even more men's summer outfit ideas.


Here is a great, simple, fun outfit that can be worn all summer. Don't ever be afraid to match black and blue together. As you can see, they look very sleek, and the white sneakers look natural despite the stark contrast. An outfit like this lives or dies based on the types of accessories you opt for, so make good use of your hats, shades, and wristwatches.

If you're curious about which wristwatch you might like to purchase and want to learn more about the different kinds of watch movements, read this article here.


I love wearing linen when the sun is out, and this look is enhanced by a lightweight navy linen shirt. Blue and white are another timeless and classic pairing. This outfit is a stylish way to beat the heat due to the inclusion of linen and lightweight cotton chino shorts. Simple outfits like this benefit greatly from including patterns; the navy pinstripe in the chino shorts adds some extra flair for any beach-themed event.

A look like this really comes together when you add cool accessories such as a straw fedora and classic sunglasses. Of course, let's not forget the clean pair of white sneakers, which are a must during spring and summer.

Linen is a versatile fabric that can be used in various garments. There is something for everyone, whether linen suits, shorts, pants, jackets, or shirts. If you're feeling hot, lightweight fabrics such as linen can be a good option.


Here is one of my absolute favorite summer looks. I opt for a navy blue pique polo shirt, classic chestnut chinos, brown leather penny loafers, and a complementing leather belt and watch.

Like the previous outfit, the simpler the ensemble, the more critical it is to have an excellent array of accessories to assemble everything accordingly. This is a great example of an outfit that easily allows you to be the best-dressed guy in the room simply by showcasing brilliance in the neutral-colored basics.


Summer suits aren't always easy to pull off, but sometimes, the need arises to own more formal pieces, especially for a summer wedding. The good news is that nowadays, full formal attire isn't always expected, and during the summer season, many men aren't necessarily expected to wear a two-piece suit to a wedding.

While I think that occasions such as weddings certainly warrant formal attire, the truth is that many people are getting away from that sort of thing. I've seen summer weddings where the clothing is decidedly casual.

For this look, I'm wearing a Hopsack navy blazer with a white crewneck t-shirt, classic khaki chinos, and some sporty GATs.

Read my article here for twelve ways to style a classic navy blazer.

A navy blazer is a must-have item for any gentleman's long-term wardrobe (if not that, then at least a tasteful sport coat). When owning a dapper jacket such as a blazer or sport coat, the material matters significantly for the hotter months of the year.

Read my article here to learn the key differences between a blazer, sport coat, and suit jacket.

Regarding fabric, linen and seersucker are excellent choices, but for a blazer, my favorite has always been Hopsack due to its brilliant yet subtle basket weave and functional, lightweight properties. Hopsack is also highly breathable, making it perfect for spring and summer.

Though this isn't suitable for every type of wedding or summer formal event, so long as you dress well for the occasion, it's an excellent way for a man to make a good and intelligent impression.

If you're interested in wearing a suit but aren't sure how it should fit, consult my in-depth guide here.


The popularity of summer fashion cannot be understated. Hopefully, this post has provided some ideas on the best men's summer clothes to help you stay comfortable and stylish all season long. Dressing well for the warm weather months doesn't have to be complicated. You can create and match outfits with just a few standout pieces, which can make a huge difference in elevating your personal style.



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