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Timeless style with a modern flair.

Hello, I'm Chandler (28), and you might be wondering what this is about. Well, this is a place for average guys like you and me. If we're being honest, there is a lot of advice out there directed towards men of all ages that is lacking in substance, and there are numerous men's lifestyle "influencers" who don't teach us how to be the best version of ourselves, at least not in a way that is practical or realistic.

Average guys have (you guessed it) average problems that are unique to each of us, whether they be budgetary constraints, low self-esteem, poor personal appearance, responsibilities that consume so much of your time, or a lack of knowledge about caring for yourself, etc.

Simply put, nobody probably showed you how to navigate these areas of life, and when you observe some of the men who pledge to help teach you, you're puzzled when they recommend that you wear clothes from luxury brands or give you life advice that doesn't seem to measure up.

I started this blog to change all of that. My time in the military has shown me that how we dress, carry, and present ourselves directly impacts the successes that we can enjoy in our lives. Whether we like it or not, our appearance matters and isn't limited to what we wear.

Here, I will teach you to become one of the best-dressed guys in the room on a modest budget and for every occasion. I'll provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to develop your style and even get you into shape to assist with these efforts.

No matter who you are, your age, or where you come from, this is a place for men from all walks of life, and it exists to give you the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to become the man you know yourself to be. I'll share which brands are worth your time and hard-earned money and show you how to get in the best shape of your life without even owning a gym membership.

I pledge never to accept paid reviews or recommend products I don't believe in. The trust you place in this blog, and me is my top priority, and I'll share my honest opinions of brands regardless of my relationship with them.

What you wear isn't everything, but it says something about you, and how you feel about yourself dictates how confident you are in your everyday life. These powerful attributes can help springboard us into a life of success or weigh us down toward failure if we aren't taking them seriously. It doesn't have to be so challenging to better ourselves, and doing more in life with less is entirely possible.

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Let's become inspired together!

Talk Soon,


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