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The 12 Best Spring Jackets for Men

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Do you need a quality jacket for the Spring but aren't sure which one to spend your hard-earned money on? Here are twelve options that any man can look his best in.


Spring is upon us, and in most cases, shedding layers from Winter and brightening up the colors can be a great way to begin a stylish transition to the warmer Summer months. Not everyone’s Springtime season looks the same, so take this post with a grain of salt. Some places are sunny year-round, and others still have lingering snow through March.

Not every piece on this list will make sense, depending on your location, but the Spring months are often synonymous with various jacket types. Besides, a jacket is always good and may even be required once the sun goes down.

Here are twelve jackets every man should consider owning depending on his style preferences and personal needs.


Claim Defame Navy Hyperlite Bomber Jacket

Not all bombers are the same. The original bomber jackets worn by aviators were constructed to be much thicker to shield them from harsh winds and provide warmth at higher altitudes. Over the years, various bomber jackets have been developed and sold, but the one I am recommending for Spring is the lightweight bomber jacket, as depicted above, in a neutral color. This is an ever-stylish way of looking dapper and is light enough to be worn in warmer climates.

Pair with chinos, chukka boots, or some clean white sneakers, and you’ll be golden.


Bonobos Harrington Jacket

The Harrington jacket is an excellent mix of sporty and elegant. It is often waterproof (or at least water resistant), so zipping it up to shield you from the wind or rain is a great option. Pay attention to the materials and construction, as not all Harringtons are built for rainy weather.

The Harrington jacket received its name from the fictional character Rodney Harrington in a 1957 film and subsequent 1960s television series called Peyton Place. It would later be popularized by Hollywood juggernauts such as Steve McQueen, Elvis Presley, and James Bond.

There is some contention about which English company officially designed the original Harrington jacket; Baracuta claims to have done so in 1937, while Grenfell reports that they constructed it as early as 1931; both are great options, but they are often quite expensive, running upwards of $400.

Regardless of who claims to have invented it first, this jacket type immediately elevates any man's style during the Spring and Fall seasons because of its sleek and sporty design.


Levi's Type III Denim Trucker Jacket

The classic denim jacket is the ultimate casual outerwear piece for any man's wardrobe. This seemingly simple garment has stood the test of time and will never cease to go out of style (trust me). Given its fashion and personal style pedigree, it should be no surprise that this garment affords the wearer virtually limitless outfit options.

Regarding denim jackets, they don't get any more classic than the Levi's Type III trucker variant. If you care about the history, all you need to know is that the origins of this jacket date back to about 1905 when Levi Strauss released a workwear denim jacket (production code 506) to accompany his famed pair of work pants.

I think that Levi's is the best option for the price, consistently sold under $100.

For eleven ways to style a denim jacket, read this article here.


Bonobos Cotton Utility Jacket

The coach's jacket isn't anything revolutionary. This piece is often marketed as a lightweight "utility" jacket because it is similar to a Harrington or bomber due to its sportiness (but usually less waterproof). All you need to know is that any jacket that resembles the one I am showcasing above will look great on you, provided that it fits you well and is in a neutral color that can be easily paired with other neutral pieces. Wear with chinos and sneakers, and you have a recipe for success almost every time.

Read my separate post here to learn why I think neutral colors are best for men's clothing.


Bonobos Cotton Shirt Jacket

Somewhere between a shirt and a jacket, the “shacket,” has taken off over these last few years, and for good reason. It affords the wearer a dapper look that can be utilized for numerous options. The shacket is easy to pair with all sorts of shirts and sweaters while remaining lightweight and comfortable. The shacket is so versatile that you’re guaranteed to continue surprising yourself by how many ways to wear it. Pay attention to the color and texture when opting for one, as this can add something special to your look.

The details matter when dressing well for any occasion, and a shacket is an intelligent way to spice things up.

For more advice on how to dress well in general, read this post here.


Carhartt Duck Canvas Jacket

We can’t forget about our blue-collar brothers out there. Despite many folks on the internet these days who proclaim that styling workwear is "not an option," the simple fact is that there is a place for workwear within the men’s style community. After all, what you wear says something about who you are, and if you’re a blue-collar worker, then I think you should never shy away from looking the part and remaining proud of it.

On the flip side, workwear pieces have seemingly come out of the woodwork lately, and I also see many examples of including work jackets or pants in truly outlandish ways (don't do that). Like many things in life, there ought to be a balance that is maintained.

Going out for a casual time with friends or that special lady in your life can include a tried and true heritage work jacket, especially when paired with a clean set of jeans and textured boots. However, attending a more formal event with a business casual dress code should be reserved for something like a blazer or sport coat. After all, it's about dressing well for the occasion.

When it comes to workwear, two types of jackets come to my mind: the Carhartt Duck Canvas Work Jacket and the Dickies Eisenhower Jacket. Both are great options, but if you intend to get the most out of your jacket and prioritize durability and longevity, I recommend the Carhartt jacket. They are typically more expensive than Dickies but usually not by much. I think the duck canvas material and triple-stitching throughout most Carhartt options are worth the asking price (but that's just me).

Dickies Eisenhower Jacket

Remember that any work jacket you opt for should also be neutral in color: navy blue, olive green, khaki, deep brown, etc. This is meant to help you include a masculine garment that can be dressed up for a simple brunch date while also helping you with practical applications during everyday life events (i.e., helping move furniture or walking the dog).

If you require something with more warmth, check out the Carhartt Blanket-lined Detroit Jacket.


Banana Republic Cotton Chore Jacket

The chore jacket is typically between a work and shirt jacket. Its origin is precisely what you’d expect: a functional garment developed with utility in mind. Unlike the field jacket (which we will talk about next), the chore jacket often comes with buttons (as opposed to zippers) and is lightweight. This is because it was traditionally made for the home or workshops and used more rugged materials such as tough canvas or denim as a part of its construction. Still, the ruggedness of a traditional chore jacket is meant to help prolong the garment's function rather than providing actual warmth.

Like the previously mentioned work jacket, the chore jacket adds a bit of rugged sophistication to your outfit. When styling it, try wearing a chore jacket like a casual overshirt. If you plan to go this route (prioritizing style over function), follow the same rules regarding a shirt jacket, and you’ll be fine.


Banana Republic Utility Field Jacket

The field jacket is, as it sounds, meant for the great outdoors. Like many historical garments for men, this jacket's roots come from the military. Field jackets can be made of various materials and come in many colors. For a more classic look, go for olive or sage green.

This piece is a utility garment through and through, with several zip or snap-button pockets. Wearing a field jacket can be a great way to remain edgy, rugged, and stylish while allowing ample space to hold your items.

Wear with jeans, chinos, boots, sneakers, sweaters, or button-down shirts. This is a highly versatile choice that I think every man can benefit from owning.


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Navy Blazer

Much like the denim jacket, the navy blazer is a timeless and classic wardrobe piece that every man can utilize to significant effect in his closet. The blazer has remained an iconic men's wardrobe staple for several decades and can afford the wearer virtually endless outfit combinations. Though not required in every man's closet, a blazer can quickly elevate any man's look year-round, provided that they wear the garment in tasteful and intelligent ways.

Regarding Spring, I recommend an unstructured blazer, which can easily be dressed in more casual settings. This means the jacket is not lined or fully lined, thus devoid of padding or apparent structure.

Read my article here for twelve ways to style a classic navy blazer.


Bonobos Jetsetter Knit Jacket

A sport coat is not the same as a blazer, which can be pretty confusing...

Read this article here to learn about the differences between a blazer and a sport coat.

A sport coat can work the same way as a classic blazer, though. Dress it up with some oxford dress shoes, or make things more casual by opting for a clean pair of leather sneakers. Sport coats can often come in various patterns and fabrics that do not match the rigid criteria of a blazer, but the outcome is essentially the same.

Great for dates or business casual settings, a sport coat will become necessary to own at some point in your life if you don't already have a navy blazer in your closet.


Bonobos Italian Mac Jacket

This is the only technical coat on the list. We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers…” well, for some folks, it can rain a lot during the Springtime, and I would be remiss not to include it on this list if you are one such person who resides in a place with an abundance of rain.

I recommend opting for the Macintosh (Mac) Jacket in a solid tan color. I think this is the most versatile option and a classic one at that. Tan goes very well with a variety of other neutral colors. If that color is too light for you, then navy blue would be my second choice for the same reason. Wear it with sneakers or boots, multiple or a single layer, etc. This is a highly interchangeable piece that might be necessary to own if you live somewhere like the Pacific Northwest.


Theory Suede Trucker Jacket

There are numerous options for leather jackets, but if you ask me, a suede jacket is an excellent choice for the Spring. The softer material is an intentional choice that works well with more casual pieces. This ever-stylish outerwear piece epitomizes masculinity when paired with leather sneakers, suede boots, and neutral-colored chinos or jeans. Of course, a quality leather jacket will cost you a lot of money, so don't be afraid to start with a suede-like (faux) material before eventually upgrading to a fully suede leather option. Looking good shouldn't require that you spend copious amounts of money.


Any one of these options would be perfect for the Spring season. Remember to select a versatile color and consider your needs based on location and personal taste. Hopefully, these options from more affordable brands will ease the strain that building a classic and functional wardrobe can sometimes impose. Dressing well should enhance your life and help you build confidence, not cause undue stress!

See my article here to learn how to build a starter neutral-colored wardrobe with which any of these jackets could pair well.



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