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Fall is my favorite time of the year. The air changes, so too can the vegetation and weather (for better or worse), and there are a plethora of options for adding layers to your outfits. Here are some ideas for how get fitted for the Fall.

"The Atlantan"

"The Street Camel"

"The Bruiser"

"The Allatoona"

"The Gray Matter"

"The Street Rebel"

"The Homefront"

"The Brick Bomber"

"The Street Heather"

"The Chelsea Trucker"

"The Fielder"

"The Cruiser"

"The Duke"

"The Flannel Cord"

"The Classic"

"The Casual Knit"

"The Earth Tone"

"The Explorer"

"The Chiller"

"The Chiller 2.0"

"The Tobacco Cable"

"The Watchman"

"The Watchman 2.0"

"The Layered Leather"

"The Beige Car"

"The Harrington Cord"

"The Edge Blazer"

"The Edge Blazer 2.0"

"The Edge Blazer 3.0"

"The Knitter"

"The Cozy Melange"

"The Knit Chore"

"The Astute"

"The Rustic"

"The Earth Toned Leather"

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