A smart and ultra-casual Fall and Winter fit that looks nice, provided the venue allows for ballcaps. Not too dressy but not underdressed, either. Mixing black, charcoal, beige, and brown isn't easy, but if you do it, do it like this (and stay warm while you're at it).

This is similar to "The Nightcap," but we have swapped the knit watch cap for a ballcap and toned things down a bit.

What I'm Wearing

Budgetary Option

  • Charcoal Topcoat: [same as above]
  • Cableknit Turtleneck: [same as above]
  • Chinos: Plaid & Plain (Amazon) - recommend taking to the tailor upon receipt.
  • Chelsea Boots: [same as above]
  • Timepiece: Timex Weekender